We create cultures where people love being at work

We believe in the infinite capability of a workplace who are on the same page

Too many organisations are stuck in training as a solution to change. We want to make improving cultures easy. And it starts with people taking responsibility for the role they play.

So these cultures become places where high performers want to be.

We help teams and organisations rise to a better way of working where culture has a measurable impact on the bottom line

Whether it’s bite sized learning or long-term culture programs, people grow their self-awareness, develop tools and techniques to get great things done and ultimately learn how to work better, together.

Working as One

We all know the better the team, the better the performance. That’s a no brainer. What’s difficult is often navigating how to get there. How do we create the right environment? How do we hold others to account? Have people taken responsibility for the role they play? How do we disagree and problem solve well?

Creating a high-performance team doesn’t happen by accident. We need to address the things that get in the way of ‘working as one’, build capability and work within great systems.

Embedding Feedback Cultures

Training in isolation does not drive change. It’s a vital part of the process but it’s not the start or the end. Creating cultures where everyone in the organisation learns to give and receive feedback, in the everyday, is when they are in their ‘Feedback Flow’. Where they are highly capable and equally motivated. This requires a clever strategy.

When we create and sustain these feedback cultures it drives engagement, gets things done and creates profitable and thriving workplaces. This is not change management – it’s sustain management. It’s making feedback an everyday habit.

Leadership Offsites

The single thing that has the biggest impact on the culture of an organisation is the culture of the leadership team. When this is out it infects the whole organisation. And when the leadership team is aligned, the culture is healthy, and everything else just gets better.

360 Leadership Assessment

The biggest impact on a team is when you are a leader that is self-aware, of your leadership style and aware of the impact it has around you. You’re ripple effect. It’s a game changer. For you, your people and the business.

We want to help leaders tap into what makes you great and understand how you can replicate that. And develop a plan for the areas that deplete your energy – your own and them for those around you. A great 360 tool and debrief with an experienced facilitator is a great start.

Online Feedback Program

Online learning can be hard. According to marketing legend Seth Godin only 95% of participants complete their online learning experience. We are aware of this so Georgia Murch has designed a program that is learning in bite sized chunks, has a highly pragmatic application on your real-life issues, has a community that you can connect with and learn from, helps you get your job done more easily and is not s&^t!

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Hear from our founder, Georgia Murch

Georgia has led teams, organisations and consulted with hundreds of workplaces both public and private. She understands the complexities of workplaces and humans. She is obsessed with helping people rise to a better way of working, have the conversations they need to and hold each other, and themselves, to account. She does this being candid and kind.

What you can expect

We don’t just train, we embed.

Our training is highly pragmatic and easy to digest, building capability and confidence in people.

We get leaders on board, up front, to ensure whole-of-organisation engagement, not a people and culture one.

We create the systems to embed the learnings, helping to build habits that become the new way of working.

We normalise the giving and receiving of feedback, helping people to grow their self-awareness to create a better ripple effect.

We create a clear path to lean into healthy conflict so that all ideas are on the table.

By driving accountability, we distribute ownership across the business.

We measure our programs to see what’s working and what’s not working, making adjustments along the way.

“These evaluations (over 94% of participants believe the content and facilitation was outstanding) mirror the wonderful verbal feedback we have been receiving from our people leaders. A wonderful credit to Georgia and the team. I’m looking forward to the future we can build with our newly empowered and insightful leaders! Thank you!”

Tammy O’Connor, Director, Dept of Transport

“At Airtasker, the learnings we gained have been critical in developing a feedback culture that empowers people to do their best work, rewards excellence and ultimately paves the way for more honest, higher quality relationships. Starting out as a sceptic, I’m now a huge fan of their work and the leverage it can have on company culture and ultimately performance.”

Tim Fung Founder and CEO at Airtasker

“Can We Talk’s ‘challenging conversations’ training really created a ‘wow’ experience. Georgia’s energy, enthusiasm, and the way she introduces a simple mythology, application and education in her space is brilliant. She delivers EVERY time! She owns a unique skill set and her storytelling to back up the facts connects with people. The return on investment is worth every cent.”

Kellie Egan – Former HR Director Atlassian and Head of People HotDoc

“Can We Talk helped our people with understanding the essential ingredients for an effective feedback culture, and facilitated our people having the courage to have honest conversations. Our people not only enjoyed the top-quality training, but Georgia also made the training very entertaining. The feedback on her work was loved by all!”

Yvette Manadaras, CPO Tyro

“There are not many people in the world that can tell you that - you need to improve, you did that wrong, pick up after yourself - and make you feel good at the same time. It is a rare skill and still more rare that they can actually teach you how to do just that as well.”

Graeme Strange Managing Director at Readify

“Georgia's high energy and passion was really well received by our people. This was particularly impressive given the audience was from a tech background, she managed to engage them instantly and connect on their level. The delivery of her feedback training workshops was highly beneficial to our people.”

Michelle Ridsdale, People Director

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The problem with ‘nice’ cultures

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We knew that aggressive and competitive cultures (whether it’s overt or not) became damaging and limited the workforce to only those who could survive. Yet we have a new challenge on our hands. Our people staying ‘nice’ with each other. Not pushing back, not talking about the things we need to, avoiding healthy debates.

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What Triggers us off

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It’s all well and good to have great ideas and have the fortitude to lean into challenging conversations. So we focus on teaching our people how to push forward, lean in and build their courage. But when they are met with defence, attack, retreat or silence – the motivation to continue comes to a grinding halt.

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Why culture programs fail

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Most culture programs don’t transform. And it’s not through lack of intent or hard work. They don’t create lasting change, yet we rarely understand why. At worst, we do the same old tricks again in the hope it will make a difference. Join the conversation to understand what gets in the way of culture change and what we can do to make a real difference.

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