Are you making the best use of your time?

by | Apr 30, 2021

‘Only 2% of the world population can actually multitask’. Yip research proves it. However when people hear this stat what’s interesting is the majority of people believe they are in that 2% -they are actually  not. Thank you Jay Shetty (who we fangirl over here in our team) for filling us in. So interesting!

Everyone in our team is a parent. We have a mixture of really little people right through to teenagers. This week we wanted to share with you some useful advice that might make managing parenting and life a little easier. For our readers that don’t have kids this information is still useful as it’s about the most productive use of time to create more efficient outcomes.

A recent study in the ‘Journal of Marriage and Family’ showed that more meaningful connections with children were built on ‘quality of time, not quantity of time’. By spending short, intense bursts with our kids we create a deeper sense of love, attention and presence. Jay Shetty this week talked about how people believe that juggling everything at once means more gets done, which isn’t untrue. However what is the quality of the task if our focus and effort is spread thin across numerous things. Surely we’d rather give our children, our relationships, and our work the full version of ourselves?

We challenge you this week for one day, from the minute you rise, to focus on one task and one task only at a time. At the end of the day assess the quality and efficiency  of what you have completed. We’d love to hear your feedback on whether it’s made a positive difference to you as it has for us.

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