The Planning Mistakes We Make

Georgia will share the 7 mistakes that we tend to make when planning programs for our people and culture. Join other HR and people leaders as we have a conversation about how to determine our highest impact priorities for 2023.

A team planning their best 2023 with postit notes and collaboration




About the event

The world is uncertain. People are more exhausted than ever before. People are quiet quitting or just plain ol’ quitting. Hybrid and flexible working is here to stay.

Knowing all this, how do we make decisions about where to invest our time, money and attention to grow amazing people and workplaces?

Let’s have the conversation. Together. So we don’t get lost in the overwhelm.

Georgia will lead the discussion using your questions as a guide. This is a conversation – not a presentation for people who lead teams or workplaces. Join us as we explore 2023, together.

To get the most out of our time together you can send us your topics of conversation or questions here ahead of time.

NOTE: This conversation will be conducted live and will not be recorded.

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