How you can help save our native and amazing wildlife

by | May 9, 2021

I know for most countries right now it’s hard to think past what’s happening as a result of covid. The other day I thought back to why we started our ‘Play Your Part’ campaign. It was driven from the devastating bushfires at the start of the year. It nudged me to check in on the situations that made our hearts so heavy at that time.

We were saddened to learn that a  NSW report this year reported, ‘FOLLOWING THE BUSHFIRE LOSSES, KOALAS FACE EXTINCTION IN THE STATE BEFORE 2050.’ The WWF, an amazing wildlife charity that I’m sure many of us are familiar with, are fighting to have the Government change their views on habitat loss so these gorgeous creatures can thrive. If you want to support these guys in their amazing work you can sponsor a koala. You can choose to spend as little as $15 a month to make a difference. We’ve played our part and adopted our new team mascot ‘Keiko Koala’ 🙂

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