Making the World Better

One not-for-profit at a time

Are you a not-for-profit and want more for your people and your business?

We wanted to find a way to combine our time, expertise, and money into a project that helps this world of ours be better.

And we found a way!

We know that not-for-profits (because we’ve worked with many) don’t have large budgets to develop their people and culture. Yet they, like any other business, deserve the opportunity to do just that. So here’s where we step in.

Each year we will partner with a not-for-profit to create a culture where their people love being at work. We can do what we do best, which is create kickarse cultures, and know that what we are doing will have a significant impact.

What you get

We know how to create cultures where people love being at work. It’s what we do and our purpose as a business. So we have built a program that can support a NFP to do just that. You will work with most of the Can We Talk team to deliver this.

It will be a combination of face-to-face and online workshops to build the capability and confidence of your team, coaching, facilitating your leadership meetings, designing dashboards to measure your success as a business, and Georgia, our Founder, will even design and MC your big fundraising event. She’s an amazing speaker in her own right. It’s an incredible package!

What’s Included

Below outlines the high level detail on offer on how we will support you by giving you our time and expertise to create a kickarse culture.

Training and development

Diagnose your workplace culture (1 day workshop)

  • Discuss and agree on the areas that get in the way of ‘working as one’
  • Understand the role each person is playing to help or hinder the culture
  • Create agreement on the key focus areas moving forward

Building your feedback muscle (½ day workshop)

  • Understand what gets in the way of giving feedback and what to do about it
  • Learn to balance positive and negative feedback to create a high-performance team
  • Discover how to have those ‘in the moment’ conversations and nip things in the bud

Creating healthy conflict (½ day workshop)

  • Understand how we respond to stress and our relationship to conflict
  • Learn to diagnose their triggers and understand where they might come from
  • Create ways of learning from the past to rewire how we respond better in the future

Navigating the tough situations (½ day workshop)

  • Learn how to prepare for those more difficult situations or conversations
  • Understand their intent walking into the conversation and rewire to one that serves them and the other person
  • Build some techniques to manage the moment when things go south

Managing overwhelm (½ day workshop)

  • Understand the impact of an unmanaged workload
  • Work through a decision-making tool to prioritise our attention
  • Make decisions about how we can work more productively


360 Leadership diagnostic

The biggest impact on a team is when you are a leader that is self-aware of your leadership style and aware of the impact it has around you. Your ripple effect. It’s a game-changer. For you, your people and the business.

We want to help the CEO tap into what makes them great and understand how they can replicate that. And develop a plan for the areas that deplete energy – their own and for those around them.

Your leadership

Creating your leadership rhythms

How a leadership team comes together is proven to be the key to the success of a cultural program. This becomes the pivotal place to create high impact. It starts with creating traction in monthly leadership meetings.

We determine, as a team, what’s important, why it is, and how we can measure it. This is about helping us move faster to achieve our ultimate goals.

We work with your leadership team to detail your focus for the next 6-12 months and then facilitate your leadership meeting for 3 months. Then use those details to create a success metrics dashboard.

Embedding our learnings (online session with leaders)

Leadership is a skill that can be learnt. This final session will help embed and develop the skills learned in the program.

These sessions serve two key purposes:
1. They provide public ownership of commitments and decisions.
2. They build capability and confidence.

If you were to pay for this program the value is $123,800. And the good news is the more you invest in this project, of creating a workplace where your people love being at work, the greater the value.

Your annual fundraiser

Georgia Murch, our Founder, author, and keynote speaker will MC your annual fundraising event. She’s been to heaps of them. She knows how to capture the audiences’ head and hearts. This is what she does.

Who you will work with

We have some pretty impressive superpowers across the Can We Talk team. Here are the experts that you will have the pleasure of working with across the 6-9 month program.

Georgia Murch

Georgia Murch, our Founder, author, and keynote speaker will MC your annual fundraising event. She’s been to heaps of them. She knows how to capture the audiences’ head and hearts. This is what she does.

Georgia will also work with your team to help diagnose what is working well in your culture and what needs to be better, to create a kickarse one. We will use our ‘Culture dashboard’ to help you see the pockets of the business that need support and those that need some glory. We will measure the start and the end of our journey together. We want you to see the impact of our partnership.

Angie Douglas

Angie Douglas is our General Manager and she gets shit done. She will lead the charge on helping the leadership team create systems to map your current projects. And make sure you are clear on what success looks like. It’s much bigger than fundraising. It’s your results and your people.

Our Facilitators

Our Facilitators (that we call Fackers) want to work with your people. To help grow their skills and awareness to work better with each other and themselves. The Fackers will run workshops on feedback, creating healthy conflict, having the tough conversations and so much more. They are experts in this space.

Our Coaches

One of our expert Coaches, will work with your CEO. To help them understand the best way to lead this business and implement your purpose. We will offer a 360 tool (The Leadership Circle) and coaching sessions. And in our opinion, this is the best 360 tool there is.

Speaking of Coaches, you can select 2-3 others in your leadership team who need some support and 1on1 coaching to help them be at their best. Our team will work with them too.

Hasmin Aranguren

Hasmin is our Program Manager and will make sure everything happens as it is supposed to. She also has some awesome networks to get stuff done. So if you need some volunteers for the year to do some stuff – she will get the word out.

What it’s worth

What are we looking for?

We want this to matter. For any relationship to be at its best we need to make sure we are meeting each other’s needs. Here are ours:

Your team

You’ve got a team of at least 20 employees and you’re likely to have a significant volunteer workforce.

Your location

You will be where lots of us live. In Melbourne. We want to be close to you in spirit and physically.

The vibes

You will resonate with ‘How we roll’. Our values will mean a lot to you. And yours to us.

Your culture

You want to create a culture where people love being at work. That means, you are prepared to do the work.

Your leadership

Your CEO is up for the journey. And most of your leadership team. We don’t need everyone on board. Just most.

How do you apply for this awesome opportunity?

We don’t believe in long tenders with verbose words so we can tick boxes. Why don’t you simply read the above, let it soak in, and tell us why you think your business, your team and your purpose could be an awesome fit. In words or even a video. Whatever you think will work.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Final submissions close midnight Nov 12th 2023. We will meet with the shortlisted few. Your CEO and a couple of your leaders and then decide. We will be fast. If you are.

For questions or more information call Angie on 0402 413 821.