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This awesome and pragmatic online training program, designed by feedback expert and best-selling author Georgia Murch, will teach your people how to give, and receive feedback.

Why do this?

Your leaders are not having the conversations they need to

Your people are not getting the career development they are asking for

A lack of accountability is creating a poor ripple effect

There are too many issues that are not being nipped in the bud

People’s emotional reactions are greater than they need to be

Your HR team are being asked to deal with too many people issues

What’s in it?


Building your feedback muscle:

This focuses on reducing the fear of giving feedback, how to structure the good and the gaps and have more conversations in the moment.


What triggers me off:

Understand how we respond to stress and conflict, become aware of our triggers and learn what to do about them short and long term.


Navigating the tough conversations:

Prepare for the more challenging conversations and develop techniques to manage things if it goes south.

This awesome and pragmatic online training program will teach your people how to give, and receive, feedback.

Online learning can be hard. According to marketing legend Seth Godin only 95% of participants complete their online learning experience. We are aware of this so Georgia Murch has designed a program that:

Has tools and techniques you can use in any feedback situation

Is learning in bite sized chunks

Is highly pragmatic and applies your people’s real-life issues

Helps your leaders feel supported to have the tough conversations

Is not s&^t!

What people say

This program is GOLD DUST.

Georgia has managed to capture the highly unique and impactful ‘Feedback doesn’t suck’ that she delivers in person into an online learning program. Everything in this program is engaging, insightful and built in a way that creates so many ‘A-Ha’ moments. Feedback doesn’t suck’ delivers Georgia’s brilliant and pragmatic story telling skills, expertise and no BS approach to helping people get better at giving and receiving feedback at work and in life. It’s a game changer for how to create better conversations and relationships. Highly recommend!

Kelly Kirby, Principles Practices, Learning & Change Lead at Atlassian

Real and relatable

Couldn’t have implemented such a positively received integrated program without the willingness and support from Georgia and the fab team. We have an easily digestible, real and relatable set of frames and thoughtful videos to help us as we grow our feedback culture. Big thanks.

Erin Torsello, Director Capability and Talent at NSW EPA

Are you keen? Awesome!

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