We are candid with kindness and help the world be a better place, one human at a time

The people at Can We Talk is why we stand out. They are really impressive humans. Who care deeply about the work they do, the impact they make and the role they play. It’s very cool. So when you work with us, you will hopefully feel a part of that too.

Georgia Murch


Georgia Murch is our Founder. She has been in the dance of building better cultures and growing better humans for over 20 years now. She’s also led teams and organisations so she understands the complexity of the workplace. She’s done the miles.

She’s a best selling author with three books in the feedback, culture and personal development space. She appears on The Morning Show, Sky News, The Today Show, ABC radio and writes for Huffington Post, AFR, The Australian, news.com.au, Business Chicks, CEO World, Australian HR Institute and Modern Business.

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Georgia puts passion on a podium and makes sure there’s no gloom on zoom. A remarkable communicator in her own right, she is an inspiring speaker that challenges audiences to become better versions of themselves, their workplaces and their homes. She now works with those savvy, fast-paced organisations and leaders, or those that aspire to be, to help them grow engagement, get things done and create super successful businesses.

People she is passionate, a little left-of-centre, authentic, straight shooting and ‘quirky corporate’. She’s an avid yogi, an embarrassing mum to two kids and a self-confessed excellent reverse parker.

Fun facts

  • She is an embarrassing Mum to two teenage children (dancing in the supermarket kinda behaviour)
  • Georgia is a self-assessed excellent reverse parker and  believes that using swear words make you smarter (she must be really smart)
  • She is a laugh-snorter

Justine Coleman


Justine’s passion is making relationships at work, work. Over the last 20 years she has worked across Australasia with teams and leaders to create truly functional workplaces. Justine has consulted across most industries including healthcare, government, education, retail, finance, utilities and construction and some of her clients include Monash University, CPA Australia, Nissan, Epworth Healthcare, Xero, Yarra Ranges Council and AGL.

Her expertise includes presentation and facilitation mastery, giving and receiving feedback, teaching leaders to coach and mentor, leadership development and building high performance teams. Justine has also been having great success helping build resilience in people. This is now becoming an essential skill in our fast paced working environments.

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Justine is known for calling a spade and spade and prides herself on being able to understand each organisation’s unique culture and challenges. She is an incredibly engaging facilitator and she practices what she preaches by connecting with her audience in a way that inspires action.

Fun facts 

  • Justine has the gift of the gab and has been known to talk under water
  • Justine is obsessed with the musical Hamilton because it brings together three of her biggest passions – history, clever words and corsets!
  • Justine is fluent in Japanese and has also been known to use some spicy phrases in Malay, Hokkien and Singlish.

Matt Lumsdaine


Matt brings great expertise in mediation, conflict management and positive psychology.

A passionate student of the human condition, Matt has studied and taught the practical application of philosophical principles for over 25 years. Principles that help us live better, happier, more useful lives. He is adept at aligning personal values with successful performance in the workplace.

He has worked with individuals and teams from SAP, CBA, Bankwest, Comminsure, Colonial First State, Ernst Young, Brookfield Multiplex, Logica CMG, IBM, Blackbaud, Hunter Burton Capital, Housing NSW and NSW Premier and Cabinet.

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He is qualified in all the cool workplace diagnostics including LSI/GSI, DiSC and NLP and aside from that, he’s a hell of a nice guy.

You may see him running any of your communication workshops or you might engage Matt to help transform potentially destructive conflict with individuals and teams into creative collaboration. As you all know, our ability to manage conflict well – both our own and others’ – turns workplaces into more creative, productive, enjoyable places to be.

One of Matt’s key strengths is helping individuals improve their self-awareness and their emotional intelligence. This enhances their performance, increases their influence on those around them, and promotes more meaningful relationships. The contribution of self-aware, emotionally intelligent individuals to remarkable corporate cultures can’t be overestimated.

If you have any individuals or teams that are not able to resolve their own disputes and need an expert who will help with grace and professionalism then Matt would be superb.

Fun facts

  • Matt is a surprisingly confident flyer considering he survived a disastrous plane crash in Peru in 1988
  • After a near-death experience, he tries to remember that every day is a gift, but sometimes forgets this in heavy traffic
  • Matt sailed in his first Sydney to Hobart yacht race at 21 and continues to defy common sense by going to sea in small yachts

Jodi Deutrom


Jodi has over 15 years experience in learning and development, credentials in coaching, training and assessment and loves nothing more than seeing people grow and thrive. She is able to build rapport with groups of all sizes to deliver pragmatic workshops. Her bold and unique facilitation style has been sought by PWC, NAB, ACMI, Melbourne Football Club, RMIT and Swinburne universities, AAGE, The Reach Foundation and local government.

She is aware that high performance isn’t taught through an ‘off the shelf’ training program. It comes from the individual’s acceptance of themselves and their awareness of behaviours, which she is expert at getting to the core of. She creates safe and engaging training environments, asks challenging questions and aims to create an increase in cohesion, connection and empathy within workplaces.

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She is known for her calm nature and ability to get to the core of the issue. Attendees have described her sessions as fun, educational and thought provoking.

Fun facts

  • Jodi is obsessed with yellow, scared of heights but incredible in an emergency – in an divergent universe she would be a MICA paramedic
  • Her first concert was Pearl Jam and she cried when Eddie Vedder came on stage
  • Jodie named her first baby chicken to hatch ‘Nala’, from the Lion King. Turns out Nala is in fact a Simba and now has his very own brood of hens.

Nick Spencer


Nick is all about helping people to achieve their fullest potential. With 20 years of domestic and international experience, he has worked with teams and leaders to create high-performing, rewarding and engaging workplace cultures.

Nick has consulted across a wide variety of industries including: finance, government, aviation, education, legal, utilities and IT. He has worked with companies such as American Express, AMP, NAB, ME Bank, Westpac, NDIS, TAC, Sky Partner, Allens-Linklaters, AGL and Hansen Technologies.

Nick’s expertise includes helping others navigate change, delivering and receiving meaningful feedback, positive psychology and coaching for growth.

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He also helps build resilience and adaptability in people, equipping them with pragmatic tools for today’s fast-changing and uncertain workplaces.

Nick is accredited in the HBDI diagnostic tool and TPI’s positive psychology program, Investment in Excellence.

He is an award winning, highly-engaging facilitator, with a strong yet calming presence. Being a pom he likes to describe it as ‘top notch’ facilitation. We think he’s on the money. He generates momentum and galvanises action. He’s a consummate professional with a good dash of wit to keep life and learning interesting!

Fun Facts

  • Nick loves travel but isn’t a great flyer; he finds that an upgrade to a business class seat and a few drinks helps take the edge off!
  • He admits he has a wanky coffee order: decaf almond or oat milk latté
  • Nick’s passion for music means he’ll often be found spending too much money on vinyl records that he doesn’t need but wants

Brett Wood


Brett has facilitated business-led leadership development from front-line to C-suite. He is an expert in The Leadership Circle diagnostic and is a member of the Asia pacific faculty responsible for accrediting practitioners in this tool. He’s worked with hundreds of different styles of leaders. He’s also led capability building workshops with a breadth of clients including Telstra, Zurich, CBA and APRA.

Brett is devoted to helping leaders in organisations clarify what matters most. He then arms them with pragmatic tools and gets them moving in that direction. He knows this is not always a walk in the park and is committed to supporting people along the way. team-coaching and long-term culture change programs with measurable results. His ground-breaking work in combining organisational theatre and collaboration methods are recognised globally and have been embedded across multiple industries.

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Brett is a musician and his roots are in performing arts. He’s built upon that creative foundation to become the leadership facilitator he is today. He is a passionate believer in human potential; endlessly curious and honours vulnerability. 

Fun Facts

  • Brett moonlights on the side as a folk singer on the Aussie festival circuit
  • He’s a self-confessed sci-fi-fantasy dork
  • Brett loves the ocean and the ocean loves him back – sounds like a sandy affair

Angie Douglas

Business Manager

Angie personifies how we roll. She ‘gets*&t done’! As our Business Manager, she is the machine behind the business to make sure it all operates seamlessly. From working with our clients, to managing the marketing and PR, leading major projects and making sure our operations are the best they can be.

From high-pressure industries including advertising and retail to working in fast paced growing consultancies she knows how to grow businesses and set up systems and processes that mean the growth pains are minimised. Her career and Business degree has led her to wearing many hats. From operations, sales and advertising, finance, project management and client management.

She is all about making experiences better and that sense of fun makes not only our team better, it tubs rubs off on to our clients. You’ll love working with her.

Fun Facts

  • Angie has an irrational fear of birds, especially magpies and had mild whiplash from ducking so quickly to avoid an attack!
  • She doesn’t eat seafood but loves scalloped potatoes and prawn crackers
  • When doing a law unit at uni, Angie thought watching LA Law counted as study

Justine O’Loughlin

Program Manager

Justine or ‘the machine behind the business’ as we like to call her. Justine handles all administration, diary management, coordinates all client projects and technical enquires.

With over 15 years in administration, team support and executive assistant roles, Justine is highly experienced and well equipped to provide support to our clients and stakeholders. Her background in the social support sector makes her highly impressive to deal with on a people level. Providing a quick, effective and personable service is her super power.

For any questions and support regarding your work with Can We Talk or if you are wanting to set up a new meeting please get in touch with Justine.

Fun Facts

  • Justine is one of 3 sisters. She says she is the ‘responsible one’.
  • She’s a one-eyed supporter of the AFL Richmond Tigers.
  • Justine’s an amazing problem solver and we are convinced she does it for fun some days