Save this shark!

by | Sep 18, 2020

Last week a man in Queensland lost his life in a Great White Shark attack during his surf session. Nick Slater was his name, and the incident was an absolute tragedy. Since this event there has been a lot of debate about the ‘hunting of the shark’ that followed. Arguments for the protection of people and arguments for the defence of an animal doing only what it knows to survive, in its environment.

Treating animals with respect and protecting them is something I hold close to my heart. I thought it was perfect timing to see Mick Fanning’s documentary ‘Save The Shark’ being released this week. I love that Mick, despite also enduring a terrifying Great White attack, decided not to be angry at the incident but go on a quest to understand more about these animals. He didn’t let the fear and anxiety cripple his career, he decided to do the work on himself, got back in the water and got curious about sharks and what triggered the attack itself. Woah! Massive respect Mick. A beautiful reminder that curiosity and understanding can lead to healing.. it also in this case plays a part in helping sharks.

You can watch the doco on the National Geographic channel or via the Disney+ app for a small cost. Watcher the trailer below to see more:

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