The Social Dilemma

by | Sep 25, 2020

Playing your part this week isn’t around something you can physically do or a cause you can support. We challenge you to get curious and educate yourself about social media and your devices (that let’s be honest you are probably reading this post on right now). I watched ‘The Social Dilemma’ on Netflix this week with the kids. If you haven’t already I would, it’s a great family watch. It was interesting to understand the science behind why our phones market to us in certain ways and how our devices not only pick up our scrolling habits but now our emotions too. Pretty scary right!?

I’m not saying devices are the devil by any means, they do a lot of good plus I don’t want you to stop reading our ‘play your part’ posts ;).  What I am asking is that you know what you are signing on for when you pick up your device, open a new app or engage in social media. Watching this doco has changed my habits and how conscious I am for the better I reckon. Worth knowing the facts about these little things that can sometimes feel attached to us. You can watch ‘The Social Dilemma’ on netflix now.

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