What a lil learning can do for you

by | Apr 2, 2021

Did you know a great way to improve mental health and general wellbeing is to learn or acquire a new skill? In the last year, our team has actively learnt a heap of new things. Ranging from undertaking formal learning courses, experimenting with new ways of exercising and we even challenged each other to broaden our cooking skills and try making our personal favourite recipes.

For over 50 years the ‘Rethink Mental Illness’ organisation have specialised in helping those with mental illness and raising awareness in the community. They strongly encourage self growth and learning with the benefits being it creates ‘higher self-esteem’ and a ‘positive challenge for the mind.’
We challenge you this fortnight to have a think about something you’ve always wanted to learn more about and how you can give it a go. It can be something big or something small. A good place to start might be checking out this site called Future Learn. They give you ideas ranging from formal qualifications to mastering wine tasting – plus there are some cool free courses there too 😉

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