What can some quiet time do for you?

by | May 14, 2021

Shut the %$@# up head! Anyone else say this to themselves on a regular basis? It’s not just me right. Sometimes we have so many thoughts going on it feels impossible to address them all.

We have committed as a team to try and take ten minutes ‘quiet time’ a day. We use the time to meditate, read, lie down or do some stretching for example. It’s not just about the down time it’s about trying to set boundaries with ourselves, prioritising our mental health and creating a positive habit. We’ll be honest it’s tough to commit to but when we do we’ve reaped the rewards.

Some amazing studies have been done on the detrimental effects of noise and the benefits of simply having some quiet time. In 2013 a study conducted in Italy showed us that something as ubiquitous as the ringing of mobile phones had the ability to spike blood pressure. Another study found that ‘a noisy environment (for example a busy cafe), can cause the short-term memory to become overloaded, because the brain circuitry that processes recall (as well as speech) is the same one that handles noise’.

We challenge you to give it a go this week and see if you end up with a clearer mind. Headspace (who happen to be one of our clients who we love) have a great show on Netflix currently ‘Guide to Meditation’. Give it a go, it’ll give you a heap more information on the benefits too.

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