360 Leadership Assessments

The biggest impact on a team is when you are a leader that is self-aware, of your leadership style and aware of the impact it has around you. You’re ripple effect. It’s a game changer. For you, your people and the business.

We want to help leaders tap into what makes you great and understand how you can replicate that. And develop a plan for the areas that deplete your energy – your own and them for those around you. A great 360 tool and debrief with an experienced facilitator is a great start.

The world is asking something of You

We are in world where everything is changing. And it won’t stop. People are looking for something bigger from their leaders. It goes beyond training them on tasks. It goes beyond running a good meeting. Unless we know how to respond to this, then leading others and an organisation get harder and heavier. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is a direct correlation between self-aware leaders and business results

When we are brave enough to learn from feedback from those around us, and then apply the insights, we are able to build stronger relationships and get stuff done, with less effort and more satisfaction. Who wouldn’t want that?

The Leadership Circle is our preferred 360 tool to make this happen. With more than 2.5M profiles done from all around the world, this tool is robust, proven and measurable. It maps out competencies that have proven links to business results. It sheds light on common leadership traps that get in the road of what your business is trying to accomplish. It helps Leaders understand themselves and how they can grow. As well as being a world-class 360 feedback tool, it also provides a map for improving leadership effectiveness and fulfillment.

We agree with the creator and founder Bob Anderson when he says;

‘If you can’t see it, it controls you.
If you see it, you control it.

The leadership circle is not limited to individual leaders

We also administer the Collective Leadership Assessment to assess and develop the collective effectiveness of senior leadership teams. In combination, these diagnostics can focus the leadership of your entire organsation to help you make progress on your strategic aims:

We manage all the logistics and gathering of participants and data so all you need to do is complete the assessments. What’s not good about all of that?

Are you keen? Awesome!

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