Healthy Conflict

If you were creating a ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Workplace Needs’ then having a culture of healthy conflict would be the foundation. It would allow us to debate well, disagree with respect, stretch thinking and ideas and have healthy relationships.

People would use their voices in a way that treats people with respect, not damages it. And the consequences would be clever ideas, strong relationships and healthy bottom lines. It’s more possible than you think.

In our experience conflict is not the problem. It’s our relationship to it.

When we rewire this, it’s a game changer. At the end of this program you will find that:

Conflict is good

Combat is not

Nice goes nowhere

Issues you see in your workplace or teams


Lots of finger pointing and blame


Too much gossip and venting


Too many meetings after the meeting


Not enough accountability


The loudest voices winning


Lack of self-responsibility and awareness


High performers leaving, underperformers not

Benefits of the program

Increases psychological safety because people are owning the role they play

People feel comfortable using their voice because they are supported and encouraged

Problem solving is easier and faster when all ideas are on the table, at once

The good people stay and the challenging ones are held to account

Leading is easier with less undercurrents and unhealthy tension

Less stress and better resource management as people are choosing to work with each other, not apart

Fewer workplace claims and leave with issues being dealt with before they get too complicated

The program structure

The program covers 4 key areas over 3 months. At a high level it addresses:


  • Meet with Senior Leadership Team to diagnose current culture, experience some content and make decisions about the program
  • Agree on and create measurements (qualitative and quantitative) for success


  • Leaders ‘Kick Off’ to be clear on what’s coming up and how we lead through it
  • 6 x ½ day modules, 17 worksheets, 15 books authored by Georgia Murch (Fixing Feedback or Flawsome) for the senior leadership team
  • 6 x 90 min Exec sessions to embed the learning following each module
  • Prep emails, video and templates to go out to participants prior to sessions
  • Final session with all leaders to make commitments and decide where to from here


This is the full suite and can be designed to meet your workplace/team culture needs. These can be half days or merged into full days. Online or in person. We recommend a blend of both, where possible.

  1. Diagnosing our conflict culture and the role we play
  2. Understanding what triggers us off and how to rewire
  3. Sit in others’ shoes and map a way forward
  4. Building your feedback muscle for the good and gaps
  5. Navigating the tough situations to build respect
  6. Gathering well by dealing with a current workplace issue


  • 3 months post program review
  • Follow up ‘Exec Session’ to evaluate outcomes and make decisions about how to continue embedding the culture we want

Are you keen? Awesome!

If you’ve got questions or wanna chat about the program click here to send us a message stat or book a call by following the link below.