Working As One

We all know the better the team, the better the performance. That’s a no brainer. What’s difficult is often navigating how to get there. How do we create the right environment? How do we hold others to account? Have people taken responsibility for the role they play? How do we disagree and problem solve well?

Creating a kickarse team doesnt happen by accident

We need to remove the obstacles that get in the way of ‘working as one’, build capability and work within great systems.

Criteria to working together

This program is not for the faint hearted. It’s for execs, teams or organisations that are committed to levelling up.

This will work for your team or organisation if:

Your leaders are prepared to do the work they’re asking of their team

The senior leaders are prepared to make the tough calls

You have a business strategy in place to implement

There is a group of people that want to level up (the majority at least)

You choose to invest your time and make it a priority

You are an SME or have a business unit with maximum of 400 participants

Issues you see in the every day


A poor relationship to conflict, where we avoid or attack


Still operating in silos for working and decision making


Not enough accountability for our work and behaviours


Not enough decisions made in meetings and too much talk after


Competing priorities where work doesn’t always align to the strategic plan


Not talking about the real issues or avoiding the discussions

Benefits of the program

People deal with issues as they arise and learn to identify and navigate the tough stuff well

The right problems being solved and clear decisions being made

All people get to have a say and accept the outcomes

There is an increase in self-awareness and self-responsibility and we build our resilience to respond to situations and feedback in a productive way

The right people stay and those who aren’t a fit find a better opportunity elsewhere

We solve real and current workplace problems while growing a toolkit of techniques

The culture builds a healthy relationship to conflict to address issues and debate in a way that builds trust and respect

The learning is embedded through harnessing current systems and processes and implementing new, so high-performance becomes the norm

The program structure

The program covers 8 key areas delivered over 4-6 months. At a high level it addresses;


  • Briefing with key sponsor to form design
  • Conduct an education piece with a presentation and Q&A to bring the leaders on board
  • Agree on and commence measurement of success


  • 10 x ½ day modules (at least half can be for all of the staff)


  1. Diagnosing our workplace culture 
  2. Building your feedback muscle 
  3. Creating healthy conflict in the workplace
  4. Managing our priorities and overload 
  5. Making our meetings matter 
  6. Navigating the tough situations 
  7. Running kickarse catchups 
  8. Embedding our learning 
  9. Problem solving as one
  10. The Board of Directors that live in our head
  • 1 x workshop for teams and workplaces who engage in the 360 briefing tool
  • Follow each ½  day module with 90 min Exec Session to decide on how to embed the learning
  • Prep emails, videos and templates provided to go out to all participants prior to each module
  • Leadership toolkit for managers to be able to embed the learnings and make leading easier
  • Final session with all leaders to make commitments and decide where to from here


  • Measure success, qualitative and quantitative through current optics and further if required. Be transparent to the business about what’s working and what will be tweaked for optimum success.
  • Follow up Coaching Clinic 8-10 weeks post program to check in and assess if any further adjustements need to be made to meet the high-performance culture we were aiming for.

Are you keen? Awesome!

If you’ve got questions or wanna chat about the program click here to send us a message stat or book a call by following the link below.