Who do you need to lean in and out of?

by | Jun 25, 2021

“Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher” – Oprah. Who in your world should you lean in to and lean out of? This week we are talking about making boundaries with the people we surround ourselves with and give (our ever so precious) time to.

Sharla Kostelyk, creator and writer for ‘Chaos and the Clutter’ makes a beautiful point about the type of people we should keep closest in our lives; ‘our cheerleaders’. The ones who egg us on when we feel low, support us, encourage us and shine positivity in our lives.

Some people argue that it’s hard to manage those we ‘have to have’ in our lives. You can’t pick your family right!? And for many people that’s a major issue. Regardless of those we can’t control; family, work colleagues, people involved in our community, what you can control is the time you spend with them. If you know surrounding yourself with those that are toxic, greedy or gossiping, do the minimum you need to with them and refrain from any additional time you don’t have to.

Also assess the people who you feel obliged to be around because of your history or relationship. It’s ok for people to play loud and quiet roles in your life depending on where you and they are. Give yourself permission to step back for yourself when you know someone’s company isn’t serving you.

We challenge you this week to assess who you want to ‘lean in’ and ‘lean out’ of in your world. Try it for a week and see if the impact of spending more time with a smaller circle that really add value to your life makes a difference.

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